Estefania Puerta is a local artist in Burlington, Vt. Her work has been featured in various paces around Vermont including the Fleming Museum. She is co-founder of the Barn Owl Poetry Extra, a local monthly poetry publication. She draws most of her inspiration from her upbringing as a Colombian in the U.S. and revels in the exquisite beauty of identity crisis both internally and internationally.

Ariel Wengroff is a writer and political organizer living in Burlington, Vt. Drawing inspiration from everyday interactions, she focuses on exposing the female langue of oppression in literature;  marking the people in-between by the ever-evolving methods of literary theory. She is a co-founder of the Barn Owl Poetry Extra; her work has recently been seen in The Salon, Trapeze, The Melancholy Dane, and Vantage Point. Ariel is the 2010 recipient of the Benjamin Wainwright Poetry Award.

Ben Aleshire is an artist based in Burlington, Vt. He is the editor of The Salon, a bi-annual literary magazine based in Burlington and distributed state-wide. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Green Mountain Review, Poetry East, Seven Days, and others. His play, ‘Gauvain the Good Knight’, won the 2009 Nor’Eastern Playwright Competition; his first book of poems, Dropped Apples, will be released later this year. Ben also plays cornet with the Vermont Joy Parade.

Robert McKay currently lives in Ferrisburg, Vt. He is the Associate Editor of The Salon, a literary publication in Burlington. His criticism recently appeared in Visions of Joanna Newsom from Roan Press. He is an alum of Middlebury College and the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference.

Jon Turner is an Iraq veteran that has taken up art and writing as a method of healing. He and his partner Catherine are the Artistic Directors of the Green Door studio. Recently Jon led a writing workshop at the University of Iowa.

Edie Rhoads studied at the University of Virginia and completed her MFA as a New York Times Fellow at NYU. Her poems have appeared in Blackbird, Indiana Review, and Post Road. She works at an elementary school in Burlington, Vt.

Annie Doran was born in coastal South Carolina, left home at sixteen to study writing in Boston, and continued north to Vermont after that. You’ll often see her biking to the waterfront or staring off into the woods from her stoop. The first poem she wrote was about a turtle and she gave it to her fourth grade teacher, who claims to have it in a file to his day. Annie has written many poems since, and he’s grateful to everyone who reads poems, any poems.


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